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I’m a dhinka ka chika Indian!!

I’m a dhinka ka chika Indian!! I’m a Proud Indian and the two dominant things what makes me the proudest is our colourful beautiful Indian clothing and Bollywood cinema that define India the best!! What is life without dhak-dhak, sheela, munni or our fevicol songs!! Our extravagant, emotional dramas full of elaborate Attires and filmy … Continue reading I’m a dhinka ka chika Indian!!

Ethnic Trends for 2015

Trending your wardrobe the ethnic way!
If you want to unveil your celeb style you need to be updated with the hottest,newest color trends!! What colors will be in vogue for your dainty Indian attires??
Here’s a little color update for you from so you invest just right before you choose your outfits this season.
The freshest and the most loved is the Cupid kissed color of pink,the shade of a cotton candy or a dusty pink rose or a delectable pink lemonade hue.
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Next are the luxe and luscious shades of deep cranberry ,raisins and maroons.

And lastly are the saturated colors of Blue Iris,Teal Quartz, and Jewel Yam.

Pick your internationally designed ,luxurious ,intricately worked Indian attires from the site . Be sure to look like a shimmering star celebrity and I’m sure even Tom Cruise will not be able to resist a whistle


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